Lorrie Grover

Lorrie trained and showed  horses when she was younger, but after a while she burned out. She took a break from horses and opened a dance studio where she taught country western and swing dancing.  When she was given a horse by her sister she found herself back in training. People noticed what she was doing and it has snowballed from there.  She became very good at working with people that have confidence issues and expands from there.

Lorrie has found a whole new level of bliss working with horses this time around. She has become particularly attracted to the ones who need the most understanding. She finds she has a flair for showing them a good path towards better outcomes. She has been delighted to discover she can do the same for the people who come to her with their horses.

She’s currently deeply engaged with those American equine icons, mustangs! She’s working with a mare readying to compete at the next Extreme Mustang Makeover event to be held in Fort ~Worth in September. Meet Enchanted!


  • American Mustang
  • 5 years old
  • Dark bay, two white socks.

Extreme Mustang Makeover Lorrie GroverA dark bay, spindly legged filly  with two white socks was born in the wilds of Nevada.  She was born to a mare who herself a member of a herd that ran the wide ranges of the western plains. Had she been allowed to stay, she would have lived in large social group, and either thrived or experienced a less easy life  – you never know what the life of a wild horse may hold in store. Predators. Weather. Illness.

Her herd roamed a range that is part of the Diamond Hills Complex HMA, (Herd Management Area) run by the Bureau of Land Management. She, and many members from her herd were gathered and sent to a temporary holding facility from which the public and other organizations are invited to adopt these horses. She was a yearling when she was collected.

She is 5 years old now sand was in temporary holding for 4 years. If she had not been selected to be available for this competition it is likely that she would have gone to long term holding where her chances of being adopted would only become less and less likely with each passing season. Luckily she was among those selected to be trained and participate in a program designed to showcase these amazing horses. This is where Lorrie comes in.

Lorrie brought her truck and trailer to the NRS Arena in Decatur Texas. She could have been dazzled by their huge indoor area, well stocked store, guest ranch and other numerous horse events, but she was focused on one thing. Finding, bidding on and bringing home the best mustang of the group! The pretty bay mare caught her eye. She was one of a 210  horses put up for auction and came with the right to compete in the Players Choice Mustang competition. 

Lorrie says the biggest appeals that she spotted immediately are:

  • she is very conformationally correct
  • she carries herself low and level
  • and she showed a calm demeanor in her video

She goes on to say, “She has a kind eye. My intuition told me she was the one.”

Lorrie pays attention to those inner feelings. She understands that connecting her dreams with her life’s purpose, in this case, starting a wild horse, connects her to that higher power that governs all of life’s best decisions. So she decided to name this lovely brown horse Enchanted.

She loaded her up and brought her home on May 12th of this year.  Lorrie shares, “The first few days were interesting because she switched quickly between being curious and friendly and reactive and dominant.” But Lorrie saw possibilities and has worked with Enchanted, helping instill the confidence this beautiful bay mare needs to negotiate her new life. In adjusting her training program to accommodate the personality of this horse, both Lorrie and Enchanted have been able to come to a very wonderful and willing partnership that Lorrie is excited to explore and expand!

The partnership is progressing well. Enchanted has stepped up to the role Lorrie has defined for her, to become a positive symbol of the type of reliable, talented, multi-faceted team member a mustang can truly be. She is living up to her name, and Lorrie’s vision for her. She is Enchanted.