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Welcome to the new online home for Lorrie Grover Horsemanship.

Sessions and Clinics

Lorrie Grover helps people who love horses find a personalized path towards achieving their dreams with their equine partners. She offers private sessions, clinics and workshops tailored to the needs of the horses and their humans who seek better connection and clearer communication with them.

Extreme Mustang Makeover – Player’s Choice

September 14 – 16

Will Rogers Equestrian Center, Fort Worth, Texas

With her partner mustang she’s named “Enchanted” (shown together in the photo to the left), Lorrie will demonstrate their progress together alongside other mustang/trainer teams, at this inspired event this fall. Soon you’ll be able to follow her journey here on her blog and her Lorrie Grover Horsemanship Facebook page.

Read up on this event in this link.